Elephants are normally known by everyone due to their huge body and the unbelievably friendly nature that is joyful. The behaviour of the elephants show feelings like those of human beings. Elephants can express emotions such as anger, grief, love, compassion and all the other senses in different ways.

The huge body of the elephants make us look at them. Elephants are kind of intelligent creatures when compared to other animals. They have a quick sense of perception. Elephants are known as loyal animals too. They live in groups. They are very helpful to each other. I’m pretty sure, most of you get the pictures of the cute baby elephants or calves in your mind, when we talk on the topic ‘Elephants’.

Have a look at the gallery of baby elephants and their naughty work:

1) A baby elephant having a nice bath along with its loving mom in the water.


2) Two calves tangle the trunks while walking.


3) The baby elephant met its new friends, ducklings.

4) This naughty baby tumbled down a tree trunk.

5) A funny calf, enjoy playing in the waters.


6) Is the baby trying to play hide and seek?

7) Of course yes! It’s trying to drink water using the trunk from a raised water holder.


8) The little baby trying to climb on to the back of another baby elephant.