There are nearly 5 to 10 million years prior to the dividing of Africa. Some may think of it as something funny. But according to specialists it will definitely happen in the future.

This will happen because of the instability of the tectonic plates which stay underneath Africa, the shape of the entire continent is changed due to the constant movements at all times.

The tectonic plates which are below Ethiopia, mainly Arabian, Somali, and Nubian plates are not together anymore because they are moving apart from one another causing a huge amount of pressure on the continent.

A new ocean will be created in between the ravaged lands of Africa. And this ocean will cause a lot of changes in the existing ecosystem.

Tectonic plates are always moving according to Ken Mcdonald. They apparently move a few millimeters away each year but there is an unusual movement pattern in this case and that is nearly tripled. 

The incident which happened to the supercontinent Pangea is nearly the same. It is divided into parts due its tectonic plates too. 

There is nothing which we can do regarding this matter. Even if we get to know that Africa is getting divided in less than a week we still cannot do anything since nature’s power is much greater than what humans can do.

Source of the information: Ancient Files.