If you are not excellent in acting, you’re not to hide your moods but to have them once in a while. And we’re fortunate enough that it does not happen to us all the time. Imagine the guys who are to use this annoying appearance daily in life. Who is this spirit animal? Yes indeed, these rain frogs are very much adorable.

The Black Rain Frog, Breviceps fuscus is considered to be a small species from the Brevicipitidae, found only in South African southern slopes of the Cape Fold Belt. All the species of rain frogs have a typically tiny body and they are amphibians native to Eastern and Southern Africa. This Black Rain Frog is a burrowing species which does not need open water for survival and is easily found at the elevations of 3300ft (approximately 1,000m).

The bodies of these frogs are round with very short limbs and toes. An adult of this kind grows into a height of 1.6-2 inches (40-51 mm). They are usually dark brown shade or a very dark grey with a skin of granulated. The skin does not have warts but seems highly rough texture due to the sprinkle of granules.

Sometimes, the configuration of the facial features makes them appear permanently annoyed and it has affected the uniqueness of the species. They are considered to be unapproachable, and are not actually annoyed at all times but it’s their natural face that has made them appear in this.

Huff and puff

These creatures are not unique only by their look but they have the uncanny ability to puff themselves up when the environment is endangered or threatened and this look makes them look angrier than usual. The look of some of the frogs are sad rather than being angry, but it is not easy to catch any positive vibes from these little creatures.

The Black Rain Frog also shows direct development as all the other species do in the rain frog family by not having a free-living larval stage. The female frog lays approximately 42 eggs per clutch in a burrow of half-inch (15mm). The eggs are very tiny, about 0.2 inches (5mm) in diameter, yellow cocloured, and they are highly resistant to attacks of small predators. Because of this risk we can see male frogs guarding the clutch until they hatch.

Even though these Black Rain Frogs are found only in one location in the world, they are of the least concern on the IUCN red list. Though they are native to the location, their population does not seem to be threatened, yet afforestation and habitat loss are affecting them.

One comment on Instagram read: “If I were an animal, this would be me. This frog reminds me of a grumpy cat, and the funny thing about all these angry-looking animals is that they somehow manage to still be adorable. Don’t you just love that lil down-turned pout!”


Source of the information: blog.therainforestsite.greatergood.com