We have presented you several articles on different reports saying that the natural environment is beginning to breathe free as the humans are locked up due to the quarantines of the COVID-19, the coronavirus.

It’s clear that the whole world is running towards a traumatic ending. Many people are saying farewell to the world while some others are struggling for life. Most of the people are facing unemployment due to the economical crisis. It’s unfortunate that the whole world would run back in time after experiencing these types of pandemics that we have seen in recent months. However, the regions which are under quarantine have a drastic drop of the levels of pollution. This is the silver lining in the gray cloud.

Satellite photos which were taken in the different areas which are critically affected by the coronavirus show a high reduction of the pollution in the areas.

Satellite images released by NASA show the noticeable decrease in the levels of nitrogen dioxide in the sky over China during the past two months. The researchers say that this drastic reduction is due to the travel shut down in the affected areas and the countries. The scientists from NASA say that this incident was at first noticed around the quarantine centres in Wuhan. The comparison of the satellite images which were taken two years back, it’s very clear that the levels of nitrogen dioxide this year are notably very low.

And again, the reporters from Italy also say that something similar appears to begin there. As we know, Italy is now in a total lockdown. A time lapse video released by The European Space Agency (ESA) shows the decrease of the air pollution very well.

As said in the articles which were published earlier, the waters in the canals in Italy have turned crystal clear since the traffic has slowed down.

It’s expected to experience such a lot of incidents as the whole world is under quarantine by now. The United States is also under the process of locking everyone in their houses nowadays.

As this is a  punishment of nature, it’s really good if humans could learn a remarkable lesson through this experience. Mother nature successfully proved how fast it can take the man made world in reverse. Unfortunately, to tell the truth, once the coronavirus no longer survives as a threat, the industrialized countries would once again give priority to work. Most nations will surely break the environmental rules and regulations in order to gain economic stability.

Image credit: 123RF | Source: Truththeory