As it is implied by the title, this discovery had arisen while the excavations of the local Khao Khanap Nam Cave from Thailand was in progress. It is obviously apparent that the skeleton belongs to a Giant male since it is more than 20 feet in height. The excavation team had also identified remains of a huge serpent next to the body.

KBTV news channel, which reported this first, said that some other several archaeological discoveries were made in the Krabi region, inclusive of the world’s first primate called Simaopithecus Eocaeunus.

As it is reported, this 35-million-year old fossil may not have any direct relationship to us, yet this discovery is interesting to humankind.

Discovery of the Giant directs us to think in a novel way, where the local legend of Nagas to be precise. The legend is about two men who had wanted to marry the same princess and it is believed that they had asked the assistance of the mysterious people of the serpent world, the Nagas, to solve it off.

The people of the world Nagas, being the masters of sorcery, had converted one of them into a Giant and the other into a Snake. The two of them had fought each other and never to come back again.

According to the belief of many, Patala and Bhogavati, the underground cities must also be located close by, since the ancient Nagas had lived there.

However there are many skeptics who disagree with this, and according to them the remains they discovered are way too ideal in the first place. They may be fake according to them, and I too believe the same.

What do you think of it? Watch the footage below.

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