Unlike humans, dogs can give their love in an unconditional way. This is the main reason for dogs to become the best friends of humans. Humans still have to practice and learn this quality of dogs. Their love has no limits. They appreciate the tiniest things they receive. And also their fan like tale shows that they adore our presence. Just think how caring and loyal they are to us. 

If you agree, here you’re gifted with an event that you would feel great to attend! This is a special type of a festival to thank our four-legged loyal friends for their eternal friendship.

As you  know each year millions of Hindus celebrate “Diwali,” a “festival of lights.”

What’s special about this celebration of Nepal which is named as Kukur Tihar or Kukur Puja, dedicated to dogs?

The festive celebration lasts for about five days. People worship their own dogs by offering them delicious food items and by adorning them with delicate garlands on the second day. And also they mark “tika” on the forehead of their dogs. 

This red powder mark on their forehead means that the dog is a kind of a sacred creature, and photos of dogs honored in this method are appealing to our hearts.

Not only the dog pets, but also the stray dogs are treated and cherished in the same manner during the celebration.

They believe that the dogs are the messengers of the Hindu god of death, Yama  and that treating the dogs in such a royal way is a path to appease the god.

And also the dogs are mentioned in the Hindu text Mahabharata. There, it says that Yudhishthira, the king of righteousness, did not want to go to heaven leaving his furry best friend behind.