You’re gonna enjoy these incredible sculptures which are made by the perfect transformation of driftwood if you’re one who loves art as well as nature. What an incredible view it gives when both these themes are combined in a unique manner. These carvings appear like the spirits of mother nature.

The artist has shown the beauty which can be burst out by the blend of wood and art. Both nature and art have the ability to surprise any of the two disciplines.

The artist with such a gentle heart and a hand is Debra in her name. She states that she tries to use as much as the natural shape of the driftwood which can lead the wood to recite its own poetic story without creating anything else in a forceful way.

This method of Debra is also a better way to recycle as well as reuse wood for something which is going to bring a smile for everyone who looks at and admires what it is.

We have the capability of maintaining a nice and clean world if only we use our talents and methods to reduce the waste in our surroundings.

However, we have to admire the creations of nature as well as the people who make this world nice and clean with their great talents.

Debra Bernier: Facebook | Etsy via [Little Things]