Fire flames in the Chernobyl have been running near the parts of the exclusion nuclear reactor zone over one week and now, it’s suspected that the fire blazers are heading towards its nuclear reactor.

The latest news was released one week before soon after the Ukrainian officials’ discovery of the massive radiation spike in the region where the fire flames were started at first.

With the increasing fire flames, there is a reasonable doubt whether the flames would get closer to the reactor, which caused a dangerous exploitation back in 1986, there could be a release of radiation.


A lot of firefighters are working hard trying to stop the angry fire flames which have been burning since the 5th of April.

The wildfire flames have destroyed 8600 acres of the forest area by now. And also The New York Times reports that several helicopters and 11,400 firefighters have been on work in the fire zone since the 11th of April.

Even though the radiation levels rose 16 times higher due to the fire flames last week, the radiation level is still lower than the level given by the 1st explosion. But, still it’s a high risk for the residents of the region as well as for the whole country.


The police have taken actions to rescue the residents of the Poliske village, which is inside the nuclear reactor zone.

In Spite of that, they have banned people from living within 30 kilometres or 18 miles from the power station. About 20 people were residing in the village of Poliske.

And also the recent weather forecasts revealed that the wind has blown the radioactive smoke towards the region called Chernihiv and the border with Belarus. Officials have paid their attention about the smoke which might affect the capital of the country, Kiev which is just 60 miles away. There are about three million residents in the country’s capital.


The acting head of the agency, Kateryna Pavlova, who inspects the burning zone said The New York Times:

“At the moment, we cannot say the fire is contained. We have been working all night digging firebreaks around the plant to protect it from fire.

Wind can raise hot particles in the air together with the ash and blow it toward populated areas.

We are lucky to have quarantine measures in place now as people stay at home, walk less and wear masks.”

The fire flames in the Chernobyl region aren’t usual. It’s suspected that these flames were arisen by Ukrainian police. However, the man who is responsible for the start of them has since been detained.


The head of the ecological inspection service of Ukraine, Yegor Firsov stated that the radiation levels of Kiev were within the normal level during the last week. They have paid their utmost concern towards the current issue.

On the 9th of April, the Ukranian State Emergency Service reported that the background radiation levels still lie within the normal level of the capital city.

Source of the information: Unilad