Regardless of the Great White Shark’s notoriety for being the most frightening creature in the ocean, the fish is really a defenseless animal group. So when an adolescent male shark stranded itself while attempting to get seagulls off Chatham, Massachusetts on July 13, 2015, beachgoers helped it instead of escaping the place.

The marooned shark was rescued and it was because of the endeavors of the beachgoers and harbor master.

Video film of the salvage was gotten by one of the spectators.

When the 7-foot shark was back in water, Dr. Greg Skomal of the Division of Marine Fisheries, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, and Chatham Harbormaster Stuart Smith restored it and in the long run let it go roughly 1 mile seaward. In the video film beneath, the shark swims off into the sea, to chase one more day.

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