If we are interested in marvellous maritime forests and international surfing competition, Cocoa beach is the best city.

During the worldwide quarantine lockdown, nature has been provided an undisturbed rest in an unequal and unimaginable manner. As a result of this the coastlines of the whole world is crowded with sea turtles, whales and many other beings taking the advantage of the freedom since there is no human influence all over the beaches and shorelines.

As a result of the measures taken by the US government to ease the quarantine lockdown the humans have started to be more unattentive on the nature. Florida is a fine example for this since the beaches were being strewn with an estimated 13,000 pounds of garbage last weekend, as per The Hill.

Cocoa Beach city is considered to have the most marvellous maritime forests and an ideal location for international surfing competitions.

Beaches of Florida were re-opened on the 21st of April and are struggling as the country’s center for regaining tourism. But the countless number of people visiting the beaches are comparatively similar to number flooding during the holidays like the fourth of July – has created heaps of litter spikes which they have carelessly thrown away.

This behaviour of litter louts has enforced the authorities to tighten the laws against them.

“As restrictions are becoming more relaxed during this pandemic, the City of Cocoa Beach is beginning to see an influx of day-trippers to our beaches, along with piles of unlawfully discarded trash in their wake,” Cocoa Beach Police Department wrote in a statement, adding: “This will not be tolerated.”

According to the police they will begin “focusing on litter violations in the days and weeks ahead in an effort to educate the public and mitigate this repulsive and disrespectful behavior.”

A huge quantity of garbage was discovered on the beach last weekend after collecting nearly 6 tons of trash a week prior to that. Same quantity of litter – 297 bags of litter containing nearly 40 pounds – was found on the beaches two weeks before.

Bryan Bobbit, the executive director of local NGO Keep Brevard Beautiful said, the real amount of garbage found was higher since the bigger items like thrown away beach chairs and poles of tents have not been collected by the garbage collectors.

The life of marine creatures have been extremely threatened by worsening the matter with the discarded single-use plastics. Bobbit stated CNN:

“People will come from out of town and leave an umbrella, a tent or chairs because it’s a onetime use. Chip bags, plastic straw wrappers and anything can get blown into the dunes.”

The group of Bobbit has been fighting throughout the long run to secure the local environment safe for both humans and animals as well. Bobbit said;

“When we see something that can be a choking hazard to marine life, we make it a point to get that stuff as well. If we don’t pick it up, it gets blown into the water. We’ve all seen the photo of the straw stuck in a sea turtle’s nose or a 6-pack ring around a bird’s neck.”

Scott Rosenfeld, Police Chief of Cocoa Beach stated that the local community has been actively participating in the responsibility of safeguarding and is working “very hard to be stewards of environmental sustainability.”

He added the following too:

“If I need to relocate critical resources during our peak season to combat litterers, we are no longer asking our visitors to comply with our litter laws, we expect it, and there will be consequences for offenders.”

Anyhow the police were able to issue only one littering citation in the period of last weekend. Sgt. Thomas Cooper, the Cocoa Beach Detective said that it is impossible to discover the litter louts and the type of trash they leave behind. Cooper stated to CNN:

“You have to say they’re the person who legally left that trash. The officers are stuck.”