We all know that bears love honey! It’s no surprise that they will go to extreme lengths to fetch some of it as they are crazy on it. To tell the truth, they are bound to live with honey. They don’t have the strength to resist raiding beehives. Bears are real trouble makers for many beekeepers. These bear guests often visit the bee farms. But, unfortunately the damages made by them at the visits have become worth thousands. Therefore, nowadays the beekeepers won’t welcome them to enter the farms. However, Ibrahim Sedef tries his best to keep these adorable predators away from the beehives.

According to DHA reports, İbrahim Sedef is from Trabzon, Turkey. He works in beekeeping and is an agricultural engineer. It’s said that he’s been heavily struggling to keep these bears who’re craving for precious honey.

He took several attempts to protect the beehives. He put metal cages around the hives. Sedef left fruits, bread and honey around them. He did all these to prevent the bears from directly attacking the bee hives. Unfortunately all his hopes were washed away. None of his attempts worked.

Therefore, Sedef understood the situation and he learnt more about the behaviour and the movements of the bears. He fixed photo trap cameras everywhere to track the bears who were roaming in his bee farm.

Fortunately, he came up with a genius idea while trying to track these bears who were craving to get honey. He got the idea to use these greedy bears as honey tasters as they are experts on tasting it.

Sedef set a table keeping four different honey containers for the bears to enjoy. He wasn’t disappointed but content with the final result of his attempt. The plan worked out. The plan revealed that the taste experts have quite an expensive taste.

According to what Sedef shared with DHA, bears were attracted to the smell of Anzer honey the most. He came up with this conclusion as the bears always tasted it first. They haven’t even touched the cherry blossom honey sometimes.

Did you know that two pounds of the famous Turkish honey, Anzer, costs for more than $300?

Further info: dha.com.tr