Did you know that the bottom of your feet are the direct and the strongest access points to internal organs of the body through what’s called the meridians in Chinese medicine?  Meridians act as the pathways to most of the organs within your body. Although some people argue that these meridians are not found at the bottom of the feet or else within the body, people who are aware about the Chinese medicine might know that the meridian system is correlated to the nervous system.

You have to believe in meridians if you believe that you have nerves and a nervous system. Therefore, it’s better to interpret meridians and find out their location within our bodies.

There are a lot of different nerve endings at the bottom of the feet. About 7,000 basic meridians have direct links to the different organs inside the body.

Meridians are strong electrical circuits within our body. But most of them remain inactive as we use to wear shoes and as we do not get acupuncture done in order to help these meridians. Therefore, walking outside barefoot is highly recommended for the stimulation of meridians as well as to help you contact the negative ion field of the Earth.

The best way to activate the meridians is to place cut organic onions or garlic in your sock or else at the bottom of the feet when you’re asleep. This practise will also help you to purify your internal organs with no diet related activities.

Both garlic and onions are well-known purifiers. Therefore, they help kill germs as well as bacteria when applied to the skin. It also helps the release of phosphoric acid (the substance from onions that makes us cry when we cut them) to the bloodstream. Therefore, it destroys bacteria and germs that are awaiting to give you the flu.

Some people argue that reuse of onion will collect bacteria and germs within you when you’re eating them. However, we have no idea about this particular statement not because a percentage of people say so while others say that it is not! But, we’re certain about one thing and that is the unsuitability to consume oxidized food since they are not fresh and healthy. It’s the same with onions as oxidation occurs in the cut open layer of them when kept for a long time. Therefore, it would be smart of you to avoid consuming food that is full of germs and bacteria.

Here are two super simple steps to get your blood purified and to get rid of harmful bacteria and germs.

Step 1: Cut Open The Organic Onions Into Slices (White or Red Onions)

Using organic onions is important as they are free of other chemicals and pesticides. You will only need to cut these organic onions into quite flat slices that can be used to place inside the bottom of your entire foot. These slices would help to activate the meridians of the foot while you’re at sleep.

Step 2: Place The Onion Slices In Your Sock Under Your Foot (on the bottom) And Sleep!

The natural healing powers of onions will start working as soon as you get to sleep. This process is called trans-dermal application and it will help in purifying your blood and killing bacteria and germs plus absorbing toxic compounds! This will also help in purifying the air in your room.

Thus, you’ll be benefited by the effects of air purification too. During the plagues in England, people used to chop the onions and leave them inside a room to clean the air to help not be susceptible to infections.

The following picture shows the organs and systems inside your body and the meridian connection points in a foot.

Here are some benefits of keeping an onion inside your sock when you’re at sleep.

  1. Helps in killing germs, bacteria and pathogens: Onions as well as garlic have strong antiviral and antibacterial benefits!
  2. Purification of your blood: Phosphoric acid inside onions and the trans-dermal process.
  3. Purification of the air: The chamber that you form around your feet using these smelly onions helps in keeping your feet smelling better and free of toxins plus chemicals by pulling them away from your feet while you sleep.

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