30 Structures That Would Make The Ideal Evil Villain Lairs (New Pics)

Villains and Monsters, we've all grown up watching cartoons or movies with evil villains battling the protagonist. We have also seen their sinister-looking mansions in the middle of woods or a sinister-looking skull-shaped volcano island....

Photographer Snaps Moments of Two Widowed Penguins Enjoying Alluring Skyline Together

A professional photographer managed to snap the sensitive moments of a couple of widowed penguins comforting each other. Tobias Baumgaertner, was the wildlife photographer who was fortunate enough to capture these moments on his camera....

7 Lost Mysterious Towns Discovered Underwater Across the World

Deep under the earth's waters, like buried remains of bygone civilizations. Since the beginning of time stories and tales about vanished civilizations have been told. The most well-known is the legend of Atlantis, a...

Chasing Storm Ciara, This Woman Snaps A Once-in-a-lifetime ‘Eye Of The Storm’ Moment

Storm Ciara—which is known as Storm Sabine in some parts of Europe—blew across Ireland and the United Kingdom over the weekend of 8–9 February before hitting the north coast of mainland Europe. Just some...

NASA Scientists Find Evidence of Parallel Universe In Which Time Runs Backward

An exciting novel discovery in Antarctica has made the whole scientific circle boosted presenting the first physical proof of a parallel universe. Perhaps, parallel universes might sound like fiction to you. But this idea has an origin...

Houseowner Keeps Snacks For Amazon Delivery Person And His Reaction Is Too Sincere

The Christmas season has arrived and gratitude to the strong web, our shopping for Christmas has gotten a lot simpler than it was 10 years or two prior. Sadly, that also says that the...

8 Elegant Succulents That Attract Money

Did you know that some succulents attract money to your place of work or home?. According to Feng Shui, they give out energy to attract wealth to your place. Not only wealth but it is...

Meteor Shower With Up To 100 Falling Stars Per Hour Has Started

Folks around the world will have a chance to stare at the night sky and watch the amazing Lyrid meteor shower which started on the 16th this month. All the people around the globe...

30 Of The Most Fascinating Aerial Images Submitted To The #Aerial2020 Contest

A year full of waiting has made the winners of the Agora #Aerial2020 photography to be here again at the end. Submissions for this year has reached over 9,000 and the grand prize of...

“Have You Ever Seen This Before?” Webcams Films Times Square, Vatican, Pisa, All Vacant

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before. These photographs we present you here today will tell a story that will live through generations. The whole world has become inverted within a very short...

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