5 Sh*ts You Stop Giving When You’re a Grown Human

By: Ransi Samarasinghe When you come to that level in your life where you don’t give a shit about the most of things such as stupid ass-people, selfish buggers,...

7 Reasons Why Many Beautiful And Smart Women Stay Single For Years

You have likely asked your perfect companion commonly for what reason she’s single and not in a hurry to have a family. She may joke around about this theme; however, the underlying...

Karma Chase at Night… (Poem)

The glory is mine that never define..  People lost their mind in their pride..  Who’d never let cheer our lives.. 

4 Types of Friends You Should Break-Up With

By: Ransi Samarasinghe "It's better to have an honest enemy than a fake friend." Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. Although...

5 Ways to Spot Egoistic Friends You Should Avoid Before Getting Hurt

By: Ransi Samarasinghe Sometimes we don’t realise that some of our friends make our life gloomy. We should be brave enough to be with right people, it doesn’t matter...

How to Behave Like a Queen in a Relationship

By: Ransi Samarasinghe Just like all girls have a general idea of what makes a great boyfriend, guys have a general idea of what makes a great girlfriend. Even...

9 Signals You Are Destined to Stay Alone

Certainly, we as a whole might suspect there would someone say someone is out there for us all yet would we say we are intended to find that somebody in every life? Would it...

How Complaining Physically Reconnect Your Brain To Always Be Anxious And Stressful

Debby-downer is a well-known perpetually negative person who tries to bring everyone down with them. For such people, life is always against them and they will never be able to be content and happy...

5 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Depression

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being. People with depressed mood can feel sad, anxious, empty,...

When You Have a Powerful Mother, You Eventually Grow Up to Become a Powerful...

The bond between a mother and a little girl is particularly solid, and it is an indispensable building block for the young lady. The impact of a free and powerful lady on the little kid...

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