Cats spend 70% of their lives napping and the rest of their lives being mischievous. In any case, we tend to forgive them for any cheeky or brazen behavior they engage in, and their amusing faces never fail to make us grin, regardless of our mood. The characters in our post will make you laugh out loud, whether it’s about a stolen sausage or a kitten discovered inside luggage at airport security.

We are huge animal lovers and couldn’t resist sharing yet another fantastic collection with you. Don’t forget to stay tuned for our exciting surprise at the end!

#1 My boyfriend is keeping an eye on my kitty. He turned around after turning on the TV to find…”

Photo credits: © tmklsh / reddit

#2 Who said it was only for newborns?

Photo credits: © Homonomore / reddit

#3 “My daughter got a new hat for the cat and now He’s thrilled.”

Photo credits: © samgam74 / reddit

#4 “I asked him to pose for his first birthday pic.”

Photo credits: © myghostfellout / reddit

#5 “Everything appears to be normal.”

Photo credits: © justrainthoughts / reddit

#6 A man told he couldn’t breathe while sleeping so he set up a webcam to investigate.

Photo credits: © Climatechange17 / reddit

#7 “I couldn’t figure out why the grass was so flat.”

Photo credits: © InkyPaws / reddit

#8 “Dolores is finally back home safe and sound after 150 ‘Missing’ fliers and innumerable tears.”

Photo credits: © Gengar_pl / reddit

#9 “I went to a thrift store to get some Halloween decorations and now I can’t find my cat.”

Photo credits: © Tacobella593 / reddit

#10 “Now and then, my cat pays a visit to our next-door neighbors and she returned today with a small snack.”

Photo credits: © Knoxpat / reddit

#11 Is there anything I can eat?

Photo credits: © sewgrrly / reddit

#12 “The other night my mother and aunt baked some chocolate caramels. It seems like my aunt’s cat felt the need to add some creative flair.”

Photo credits: © vieve3 / reddit

#13 When your cat meows and you respond with a meow:

Photo credits: © oddi2786 / reddit

#14 This cat got into her owners’ luggage and was later discovered by airport security.

Photo credits: © Nick Coole / Facebook

#15 “Today, maintenance guys tried to come to my house and left this on the door.”

Photo credits: © quiet_ellie / Twitter


Photo credits: © quiet_ellie / Twitter