The two mummies which had been discovered few decades back were able to make an incredible discovery.

Even though it was at first believed to be remains of humans, later on it was discovered to be of a bird of some kind which had been mummified while the other one belonged to a small child.

The two mummies had been kept in the National Maritime Museum’s collection during the past decades to explore an incredible fact while the two of them are in progress of a scanning at the Rambam Hospital from Israel.

But after all it is identified as a hand-crafted plant matter doll even though it was first said to be of a 3000 year old mummy which belongs to a little boy.

This doll appeared to represent the ancient god of death Osiris and the mummified bird to mean the ancient god of kingship and the sky Horus.

Who mummified them and the reason behind it is now in the state of question. And were they the only creatures of that kind? Yet, we’re unable to provide you facts regarding these questions accurately. But as per the things we know, the ancient Egyptians often mummified their crocodiles, cats and fish as offerings to their deities. Therefore, this novel discovery didn’t marvel the team at all.

The birds were considered as the protectors of the souls at that time since they were regarded as the representatives of a good deity, therefore the team is unable to understand the strange nature of this.

Source of the information: Ancient Files