The recent sculpture by the famous artist Daniel Popper was unveiled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The artist named his work ‘Thrive‘ and it stands as the last hope of the year 2020, in which the entire world population experienced a lot of terrible incidents that will live in the memory for years.

This new figure that is made of amazing fibre-glass is 30-feet high and it weighs more than 14 tons. The statue opens up its chest paving the way to a forest full of vegetation and fern. This depicts the way nature breaks free into the world. By the way, this fascinating work has been appreciated by a large number of people including the passers-by and the locals of the area.

Popper lives in Cape Town, South Africa and he now specializes himself in public sculpture and installations. Thus, the subject of specialization covers a wide area of different themes. Another interesting piece of his works is the ‘Modem Swamp‘, which was featured at the Modem Swamp music festival in Croatia.

Popper described about his new creation:

“I hope they will continue to interact with it and enjoy it and that the message and feeling continues for many years to come. In many ways it’s a symbol of hope and transformation which have been central to many people’s worlds during 2020.”

He expects to carry on his work with more new public sculptures and installations in the upcoming years. When considered the latest creation “Thrive”, it is actually an amazing piece of work that acts as a testament to ingenuity of humans. This of course is going to be truly a good work that inspires great works in the near future.