By: Ransi Samarasinghe

‘Cheating isn’t a mistake, it’s a CHOICE

This article isn’t related to all the people in this society but now a day we can hear several things based on this topic. There is a rule in the basic principles of Buddhism, ‘do not indulge in extramarital affairs’. If you break it, you will have consequences repaid to you in this life or next life. There’s no forgiveness!

1. Busy life

Do you remember how he/she spent their time with you before they get you? Of course you should remember. Does he/she still treat you like that? If it’s not, you should pay more attention to him/her. For a cheating partner, being busy is an excuse but being busy is not a problem to a real lover. For your partner really wants to spend the time with you, nothing in this world can stop them. Many things aren’t equal but everyone gets the same 24 hours a day, 7 days for a week so if he/she really cares about you they make an effort, not an excuse.

2. Nervous behavior

It’s not hard to notice a little difference in your one’s behavior. If they have to hide something from you he/she couldn’t able to behave normal around you. They hesitate to get close to you because they have that feeling of guilt. This is an we era of technology. It’s really necessary to give attention to your partner except looking at a screen all the time. A cheater cannot look into your eyes while talking. Notice it! He/she stares at someone attractive walking by when you’re with your partner. If he/ she really loves this is not possible to happen.

3. A world of lies

Lies! Why is your partner lie? It’s the most disgusting thing ever. Lie after a lie! Broken promises! These are the main things of a cheater’s life. If he/she is lying over a little things indeed it shows their disrespect towards you. Love is all about trust and respect. Truth cannot hide. If you found out that he/she is keep lying on you please don’t trust each and every word of him/her. A real lover must have a power to tell the truth always. Trust actions more than words.

4. Hesitate to make plans about the future

Everyone has a beautiful dream about their future. The wedding planning!! It’s the one of the best part of your relationship. Both should invole to plan about your future. It’s scientifically proven that one sided expectations can mentally destroy you. If your partner is not giving a little attention when you talk about your wedding, never complain or question about their behavior because true lover never let you plan about your future alone. They never hesitate to introduce you to their parents, to their siblings and friends.

5. Just sweet talk to you

Sweet talk doesn’t always mean sweet heart, don’t get tricked. A cheating partner doesn’t care about you as much as they say they do. Once that type of a person gets what he/she wants from you, he/she is done with you. If your partner is truly loves you he/she could be able to prove how much you mean to them. Words may lie but actions  will always tell the truth.Their only desire is to get an advantage by sweet talking to you. Beware of cheaters!