Personality tests are really interesting things for us to participate in.

There are a lot of types of personality tests which we can take part in order to get to know more about us. Some of them are thorough and concise. The Myers-Briggs personality test is such a concise test and it’s the best trademark for a good personality test. This test not only gives information, but also fun.

Optical illusion is among the most favourite personality tests nowadays.

Optical illusion is a result of the crossing of the brain wires of a person.

Human brain processes millions of bits of information within a millisecond from what we see. The final image we see using our eyes is the result of such a complex process.

However, not all the information processes correctly all the time.

Imagine you have a lot of data inside your brain. In such cases your brain will only protrize the things which we think as the most important. The brain will make decisions using the most important data inside our minds. Thus, it will only show us those things to us.

Think of the time when the athletes say they “get in the zone.” Then the only thing that remains inside them is the current objective.

Usually, the things left inside are the things that we deem most important. All the other things fade out gradually.

A best optical illusion is made out of this process of our brains. In the first look at an image, optical illusion flips things around to unveil the traits of you, that only can be discovered through the split second decisions of our brains.

All the images below target a different section of your personality. I’m pretty sure that these will lead you to make your life bright in many aspects. These images will help you to have a better understanding about yourself.

Optical Illusion #1

Have a look at the picture above…

What did you spot at first?

A boat or a crocodile?

To the ones who saw the crocodile first..

This means that you’re a person who likes to have a bigger image of everything you see.

Little things in your life such as walking through nature will be a granted blessing for you. However, unfortunately you won’t realize the overall importance as you mainly focus on big things in what you do.

However, you don’t usually take many risks as you’re a practical person.

You spend more time on the cautious aspect of things and don’t make much space for novel things or experiences.

To the ones who saw the boat first..

This means you have an eye which runs to see the tiny things in detail. You’re a person who seldom misses things without noticing.

You are a person who is recognized as quirky, unique and creative.

But keep in mind not to forget about the big picture of things just because you focus on small things all the time. This will be important if you’re a student or an artist.

If you tend to forget the entire big picture of things, you’ll be wrapped up in a small section of an object at the end. You’ll forget to complete the entire assignment as a whole.

Optical Illusion #2

What did you spot at first?

To the ones who saw the pillars first..

You seem to be a person who is interested in security and comfort in most of the things.

Reaching big targets will be a dream for you unless you learn and try hard to break the comfort zone in your life.

This means that you’re a person who doesn’t work hard to attain your targets though you have great goals to achieve in your life.

To the ones who saw the people first..

You seem to be a person who is ready to leave all your present surroundings at the drop of a hat.

Your life tends never to make you dull.

Your life seems to be perfect with wonderful people and incredible adventures!

You have a curious and a kind soul inside you. But you don’t wander for a long period.

Be alarmed to receive the correct time for you.

Optical Illusion #3

Have you already looked at the image above? Then, what did you see at first?

To the ones who saw the old man…

You seem to be an empath with a kind heart and a gentle soul.

Selection of the old man reveals the more usage of your right brain other than the left one.

Right brain is the part which is responsible for creativity. It controls the artistic skills inside you. This indicates that you’re a more artsy individual.

To the ones who saw the woman…

Unlike the ones who saw the old man first, you’re a person who is analytical and thoughtful. And also you seem to be a calculated person rather than the others.

A higher probability of using the left brain than the right one can be witnessed in you.

Your life would become successful due to the analytical and thoughtful mind inside you.

Sometimes, you come across as a cold hearted individual too. It’s when you try to become more practical.

Never try to hide your feelings to trust the good people in your life.

Even if the analytics inside you advise to do so.

Never let yourself aside from the others around you.

Optical Illusion #4

Have a look at the picture above. What did you see at first?

To the ones who saw the car at first…

This means that you’re a person who appreciates freedom more than anything else.

Traveling is one of the favorites in your life.

You prioritize hitting the roads and going on adventures all the time.

You handle your life individually and you do what you think as the best for you.

To the ones who saw the man with the binoculars…

Are you once again a person who is more analytical?

You’re an individual who mainly focuses on the big picture of things except the minor things inside them.

You’re a person who tends to learn new things from visuals.

But don’t forget to focus on the details of the things you learn as there’s possibility for you to miss several facts inside them.

Who saw the letter “A”?

The letter “A” is the most difficult thing to spot in this picture.

If you’re a person who saw the letter “A” at first, then it reveals that you’ve got an eagle eye unmatched by anyone around you.

You’re a person who focuses more than others around you. You’re highly intuitive.

You have a unique talent to pick up the nuances or subtle hints which others might not notice at any instance.

Optical Illusion #5

What’s the first thing you saw in this? Is it the Woman or the Skull?

To the ones who saw the skull first…

This reveals that you’re a person who faces hard situations when making decisions and selecting a correct path to move forward.

You may face a lot of obstacles in your life and remember all of them are to test your character.

However, you’ll always have the strength to overcome all those challenges in your life.

Never remain still, select your path to move ahead.

To the ones who saw the woman first…

Have you ever got the feeling to be defensive a lot?

This woman in the picture is hunching over on the ground. Her hands on her head and her face hid against her lap.

This is a defensive pose of women. Therefore, we assume that you are in the same way. Perhaps you too defend in the same way in life.

Are you emotionally or physically drained right now?

The woman in this picture is representing the regret inside you and this would help you to realize and set them aside to brighten your life.

Perhaps you might be continuing with things you regret or not.

However, it’s really important to have a deeper look at you and figure out what that is.

Optical Illusion #6

What’s the first thing you spotted in the image above?

Did you see the faces first?

You are a person who is people-oriented.

Or else this means you have people on your mind for most of the time.

You’re a kind of a person who receives your energy from the interactions with fellow people around you.

You tend to have company with others all the time.

But, try to drain out only the right people out of all. The people who are positive and supportive for you.

Or else did you see the candle sticks first..

You seem to be an Introvert.

You don’t often keep people in your mind like the ones who saw the faces in the same picture at first.

You like to dive inside your own thoughts and emotions.

You wish to stay at home rather than going for an outing with a lot of people around you.

Loneliness is one of your favorites. Or else you like to live with a very few associates.

Optical Illusion #7

What’s the first thing you saw in this image?

To the woman who saw the man’s face first…

I’m pretty sure that you’re on work searching for a romantic partner by now. Or else you seem to have a high desire for sex.

If you’re one who is already in a relationship, then this means that you have a deep connection with your partner.

All the things regarding your relationship are going well in front of your own eyes.

To the man who saw the man’s face first…

This reveals your concern over all the interpersonal relationships with other men.

The guys around you may be your peers at the gym, the co-workers or the close associates.

This reveals your worry over their impressions on you.

To the woman who saw the woman’s face first…

You’re highly comfortable in your own skin. This is a sign about the strong confidence inside you. This confidence will serve you very well in your future.

To the man who saw the woman’s face first…

Are you looking for a gentle life partner to move ahead with?

Perhaps a bit too much.

Let things happen naturally with time.

What are the pictures that you’ve selected at first?

Did these pictures help you to realize some facts which you were unaware about?

Please leave a comment below and share this personality test with your loved ones around you.

It will help you to compare the results of each other!