It brings quite an annoying feeling to wake up in an odd hour and feeling uncomfortable without getting back to sleep, especially when we have heavy duties the next morning.

It is said that there’s a corresponding organ in our body which undergoes a self regulation period when we are struggling to sleep due to the inability to sleep during nights, according to the ancient Chinese Medicine Clock. This sleeplessness during some periods is due to health issues, stress, nightmares as well as emotional distress.

This sudden waking up during nights shouldn’t be avoided. It means that a higher power is in need of communicating with yourself, if you’re awakened in between 3-5 am. This is considered as the first stage of spiritual awakening. The Chinese Medical clock says that lungs enter their self care mode at this period. Mind is deeply in sleep engaged in dreaming.

Try to recall the dreams you dreamt during your sleep if you wake up between 3-5 am. Sometimes it might convey you important messages. According to the ancient folk lore 3-4 am is the witching hour where higher powers are at their climax.

What would you do at this time period?

If you wake up suddenly during this time try to view each and every aspect of your life. This is the best time for you to make deep good decisions. And also your dreams at this time would surely convey you an important message for your future guidance.

Try and see Yoga, Meditation or breathing exercises during these hours. Breathing exercises communicate with the brain to relax. These exercises will support you to get relieved from stress. It will also help you to have a good perspective on the issues you worry about.

Try to pray if your religion teaches the way to communicate with higher powers. Let out all your worries, pains, troubles and needs in your prayer. Pray deeply thinking that someone will hear you. It will surely give you 100% good results.

What’s special about the times you wake up in the middle of your sleep?

9-11 – If you’re restless without sleep at this time, it implies that you’re dealing with stress, tension and anxiety. Eat stress receiving foods such as bananas, carrots, yoghurts and avocados before you go to bed and meditate during free time.

11-1 – This tells that you undergo several emotional distresses. It shows that you’re unhappy and disappointed. Forgive others who have done bad things for you without reflecting whether they are right or wrong.

1-3 – This implies that you’re dealing with strong feelings such as anger and resentment. Meditation, reflection on your life and deep breathing can get you relieved.

Try hard to understand the messages to you by your body and it will surely make your life meaningful and happy.

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