Observing mushrooms is one of the main hobbies of people nowadays. We constantly come across a lot of new species of mushrooms in addition to the chanterelles or the classic porcini mushrooms that we know. Polymorphic Xylaria is a type of an eerie fungus that has the slight look of a wrinkled hand of a human.

Image credit: Bartlett Tree Experts – Wilmington, Delaware/Facebook

Xylaria Polymorpha is considered as a fungus that grows in decaying wood. These can grow above and beside the tree roots and are easily found east of the Rocky Mountains. There are certain types of fungi that grow on a single stem. But most of the fungi prefer to grow as branches. Each fungi finger is 8cm in height.

Image credit: Chef Jet Tila / Facebook

These mushrooms are extremely terrifying and they have the ability to amaze anyone who has no idea about those. The stems of these mushrooms come out of the undergrowth. The ends of these fungi have the slight look of fingernails. Some of the hikers have got frightened due to these thinking they had seen fingers coming out of a tree.

Image credit: Jon Tinney/Facebook

However this specific fungus is edible and harmless. The texture is quite similar to wood and it is hard too. Hope you’re not about to put these fungi on your plate tonight.

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Source of the information: sciencefriday.com