People in the present world have become so creative in publishing posts on social media platforms. Noawaday, the climax of attention on the internet is grabbed by things which are far away from importance and value. Many people over the world have started posting a hub of silly, hilarious and strange posts. Finally, useless.

However, we’re about to post you about a young video blogger who got to know that everything around can’t be used for show. It was when she was attacked by the octopus which she was going to eat alive!

She is “Seaside Girl Little Seven” by her blogger name and she is an active blogger at the Chinese platform Kuaishou.

Anyhow, she had to face this particular attack during a 50-second livestream in which she intended to eat the alive octopus. The creature had activated its suckers to get stitched on to her face.

The girl was chilling at the first moment, but changed within a few seconds as soon as she realized that she was unable to remove the tentacles of the octopus. The young blogger was continuously trying to remove the tentacles from her face.

She screams, “I can’t remove it!”, saying that it is too “painful!”

But finally, she was fortunate enough to remove them from her face. But the octopus had taken a small part of her skin on her cheek. The girl was in pain because of the damage to her face. He screamed saying that her face was disfigured and made a promise that she’ll surely eat the octopus in her next video.

Cephalopod expert Jennifer Mather, Ph.D who is one of the professors of psychology at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, explained about the behaviour of the creature at the moment; “anticipate a painful, difficult, stressful situation – they can remember it.”

As per the Kuaishou account, she is very fond of eating seafood, thus often publishes a number of videos in which she eats seafood such as lobsters and crayfish.

By the way, this is not the first clip in which she eats seafood.

The young blogger had been worrying about less popularity of her video clips in her account.

In an early video, she asked:

“Why [have] none of my clips ended up on the trending topics chart?”

Well, I think then this is the one which is going to be trending.

However, her attempt to make her channel more popular went wrong this time as the octopus fought against her.

Though this is not something really beneficial and interesting to be on the trending list it has become so famous along with her name on the trending list in social media sites such as Weibo.

Millions of people were interested in watching this video!

Scroll down to see the way how people reacted:

Here is the full video:

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