A parking lot is more than simply a cement slab according to artist Tom Bob. This extended shape is just a French fry ready to be fulfilled in his eyes. And, much to the joy of onlookers he turns these and other mundane elements of the city landscape into vibrant people and things

Tom Bob’s creative street art is all about seeing the potential in a space, whether it’s a manhole cover, pipes, or a slew of hoses hanging on a wall. Each of these innocuous pieces has the potential to become something amazing. Tom Bob reveals their inner potential and we finally recognize them for what they are: a pizza, a worm, and a swashbuckling pirate, thanks to him.

The artist’s creations are centered on delight. “My goal is to transform street things into delightful whimsical figures,” Tom Bob explained “creating the sense of happiness and wonder.” This may be seen not just in the colors Tom Bob picks, but also in his overall design. You can’t help but be delighted by his vision for a more playful and joyous world when you see how he recognized a blue pipe (that matches the wall, supposed to be concealed) could form a terrific snout for an anteater.

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Tom Bob is a cool street artist who turns regular components of the urban world into colorful characters.

Tom Bob: Instagram