A massive cuddling pool was seen on video napping together in an area of woodland on the outskirts of Kunking, Southwest China. After a long trek from their forest habitat, the elephants slept. According to estimates, 15 elephants have traveled 500 kilometers (310 miles) since leaving their habitat last spring a wildlife reserve in southwest Yunnan. And no one knows why they’re moving.

During their voyage, the herd attacked fields walked around city streets, and even foraged for food in towns. All of the animals have been reported to be healthy and no one has been hurt as a result of their interactions. It is unknown why the elephant herd is on the move, however, Evan Sun (World Animal Protection’s wildlife campaign manager) has suggested that probable causes include a shortage of food an increase in the elephant population and habitat degradation.

“This also presents an excellent chance to educate the public about the problems that wild animals confront to survive as well as the necessity for improved protection at the levels of government, business, and society,” Sun said. “These creatures should be free in the wild. We must stay a safe distance from them for the sake of both ourselves and the wild animals.”

Watch as China’s roaming elephants take a cute snooze together in a woodland spot.


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