Most of us spend our time browsing the internet trying to dig out something interesting in the world (it is amazing to have the world at our fingertips!) So today we’re gonna present you something new and interesting about guinea pigs without fur. You will surely be amazed to see them as they are very similar to small hippos!

Without the coat of fur they simply look like being shaved by somebody. Are they really shaved by people?

No, they are not shaved? It is not possible to shave these creatures and it is extremely cruel to do something like shaving them! But there is a wrong assumption of shaving the creatures.

The breed has some hair on their feet, legs and muzzles though they are popularly known as “Skinny Pigs”.

Due to the more attention captured by these small creatures towards their magical look than the baby hippos do, the images of these astonishing miniatures journeyed viral rapidly.

The Skinny Pig is considered to come from a mixing between the hairless lab strain and the haired guinea pig, and this genetic mutation was first recorded in 1978.

These Skinny Pigs were taken to Charles River Laboratories in 1982 to initiate a programme of breeding. And it is a known fact that these Skinny Pigs are now used in dermatology studies.

These Skinny pigs have gained much attraction as pets of man similar to the fame they have gained in the labs.

The distinctive difference between the regular and the skinny pigs is that they do need more food to preserve their body temperature even though they have a complete thymus and a regular immune system with no considerable psychological variances.

Actually this is applicable to us since we would like to remain slim by consuming all that we taste.

These Skinny pigs acquired fame comparatively as a new pet in the 1990’s in Canada, Russia and Europe.

If you are not interested in keeping guinea pigs as pets it is mostly awkward since it is not appealing to everyone.

Actually people were stunned by the loveable breed.