People’s final words linger in our minds for a long time, yet memory fades over time but the stone does not. Unless you are cremated and your ashes are placed in an unsightly urn, your remains are given a grave and a headstone, as well as the final chance to write a witty epitaph to amuse people who come to visit you.

It may be extremely difficult and painful for us to lose someone we love. They, on the other hand, would like us to remember them by making us smile. Here are some images of tombstones of people who have memorialized their sense of humor in stone so that visitors to their graves don’t feel sad when they come to remember them.

#1 If You Can Read This.


#2 I Was Visiting My Grandmother’s Grave And I Saw This On A Nearby Gravestone.


#3 Well….

#4 All Is Dressed Up And Has Nowhere To Go.

#5 That’s An Amusing Gravestone.


#6 A Gay Vietnam Veteran.


#7 Was Strolling Through A Graveyard When Suddenly…

#8 Appears To Be In A Good Mood.

#9 I Had Hoped To See A Pyramid.

Gerri Gray

#10 Finally.

#11 That’s All There Is To It, Guys.


#12 The Gravestone Of This Individual Is Shaped Like A Big Middle Finger.


#13 Merv Griffin’s Tomb.

Dormant Braincell Research Project

#14 Get Out Of Here.


#15 Ouija’s Grave.


#16 Message That Is Hidden.

Mononc’ Paul

#17 I Arrived Here Without Consulting Anyone.


#18 Found While Outputting Memorial Day Flags In The Cemetery.


#19 S.Hit Occurs.


#20 Arthur With His Wife.

#21 She Constantly Claimed That Her Feet Hurt, But No One Believed Her.

NC Cigany

#22 Oh, Damn!


#23 Uncle Walter.

Bill Stephens