Most of us have seen rainbow manes. We thought that it was the most beautiful thing ever. But finally the time to wash out this idea has arrived. I’m pretty sure that you’ll change your mind after seeing this new holographic hues. This is designed by multidimensional metallic or pastel hues. The wearer’s hair strands will look as if the colours of them are shifting.

The Redken colorist Chiala Marvici said that this new trend is achieved with a hair technique known as hand-pressed coloring during an interview with Modern Salon.

Hand-pressed coloring goes in par with screen printing and brings them to your locks. The stylist will use a sheet of Plexiglas to mix the dues and paint different patterns. Then he/she will place one of the partially divided hair strands onto the glass and apply the previous dye mixture into your hair. The stylist will continue with this procedure using different pastel hues such as blue, pink and lavender. The stylist will apply the dye in different hair strands or else in the same hair strand to thicken the luster of it. Marvici says that this special technique is quicker than other famous color applications such as balayage and foil. And also this latest hair trend will give the stylist an opportunity to have greater control over the briskness of the appearance.

Yet, Marvici has only taught a limited number of stylists this amazing technique. But we can keep sure that it will rapidly grow as so many of the stylists are very interested in this. However, some of the clients will have to face a problem to get done with this because this hair coloring requires a light hair colour like blond or gray to take the better holographic effect out of it. So better to get to know about it before heading to the hair salon. Anyway, if you’re interested in this particular hair trend and if you agree to have a change in your hair colour, I’m sure that you will look gorgeous when you’re done. Your hair will look as if it was sprinkled with pixie dust. Try this and grab the attention of everyone around you!

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