Sciatic nerve ache brought about by Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome influences up to an expected 40% of individuals at any rate once in their lifetime. It is brought about by impingement in the lower lumbar spine. The ache can shift from gentle to serious influencing the area coming from your lower back through the glutes and down the back of either leg. (1,2) 

Sciatica can travel every which way or become constant. Contingent upon the degree of ache you experience, discovering approaches to healing sciatica can be a question. Be that as it may, can you accept the solution to healing sciatic nerve pain brought about by Piriformis Syndrome could be simply a tennis ball?

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Tennis Ball Therapy 

Tennis Ball Therapy is a type of Self-Myofascial Release Therapy. This procedure applies proceeded with pressure to a place of myofascial tissue to heal limitations, stiffness, and inflexibility to return appropriate capacity and development. (3) 

Both foam rolling and the roller massage (tennis ball) give benefits that aren’t long term for expanding sit and arrive at scores and scope of movement at the hip, knee, and lower leg. The short-term advantages can likewise upgrade flexibility in joints making it a decent choice for a pre‐exercise warm-up and warm down technique. (4)

What is the explanation of Sciatica? 

Squeezed upper and lower lumbar nerves are the reason for sciatica. This pressure could result from a wide range of issues including (5):

  • A herniation
  • Compressive damage
  • A disc which is bulging
  • Psoas dysfunction syndrome

Is it Sciatica?

Regularly individuals think that syndrome is sciatica. Be that as it may, there are some unmistakable indications that will disclose to you your ache is sciatica, not Piriformis Syndrome including (6):

  • Ache in the lumbar (lower) spine
  • Unilateral ache (influences only one side or leg)
  • Burning sensation or torment somewhere down in the glutes
  • A tingling sensation
  • The leg becomes weak or quite heavier than usual
  • Sensitivity when the leg is elevated straight out

Obviously, when experiencing ache, you ought to affirm the reason with a visit to your primary care physician. They can do a test to decide whether it is actually sciatica and what is the reason for the side effects.

The most effective method to Apply Tennis Ball Therapy

The tennis ball works with gravity to push on the trigger points, particularly in the piriformis muscle. As the weight is applied you decrease muscle strain while improving portability and blood circulation.

To apply tennis ball treatment (7):

  • Lie on the floor with your knees bowed in ‘zero position’. Spot the tennis ball in contact with the place causing ache.
  • Don’t ever sit, just do this while resting. You need the muscle in a casual state – applying a tennis ball when sitting could cause more mischief.
  • Press down on every touchy zone until it feels like the torment has split or is liquefying endlessly.
  • Utilize delicate motion to enable the ball to move backwards and forwards.
  • You can utilize more than one ball in the event that you are feeling exceptional ache. This will discharge directly pressure on explicit points.
  • Stop if the ache turns out to be intense as you could cause harm in your muscle or nerve.

Tennis ball treatment is expected for transitory back relief from discomfort. If that ache is progressing, or the massage exasperates the ache, consult your primary care physician to have them decide whether you have sciatica or piriformis syndrome. They would then be able to allude you to a chiropractor or massage therapist to give suitable treatment to cure the pain.

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