Representatives at San Diego’s oceanfront Marine Room café got an unexpected visitor this week when they found a malnourished sea lion nestled into one of their corners.

Staff aren’t actually certain how the 8-month-old California sea lion had the chance to get in, yet the extravagant fish café’s official executive chef, Bernard Guillas, said the destitute sea lion may have snuck in through the door which was at the back.

The restaurant called Sea World to come and support the little guy.

SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team touched base to return the poor little guy to their office for medicinal consideration and recovery. She was dehydrated out and weighs about a portion of what she ought to weigh at her age.

Elevated tides, vicious tempests, and El Niño are causing the youthful California sea lions to look for higher, drier ground. The marine creatures are thinking that it’s hard to discover nourishment in view of the hotter sea temperatures and are getting to be dehydrated and gaunt as a result. When the sea lions become dehydrated, they search out sustenance and a warm, dry spot since they get excessively cold in the water.

The baby sea lion is one of 40 sea lions safeguarded via SeaWorld so far this year. Marine mammal salvage authorities expect a record number of sea lion rescues in the forthcoming year on account of El Niño’s warming waters impact on animals’ sustenance supply.

Sea World stated they are “Cautiously optimistic” about the little guy’s recuperation.

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