Some people pretend as if happiness is a very complicated thing. But the truth is that happiness is not so complicated. Actually, It’s a kind of an emotion we create within ourselves and develop in order to move forward in our world.

Anyway you can’t find happiness through over thinking or oversharing. The more you share your privacy with others the more they make use of it. Try to stop yourself from sharing your personal issues. Several things should be maintained as your private life.

Keep in your mind that if you share more with other people, the more they will dominate your life. It’s true that sharing your issues with your closest associates is beneficial at times, but it doesn’t mean that you should tell them what’s going on with your marriage and work. And also don’t keep close relationships with people whose last names you aren’t even aware of. It will become more painful for you if you keep your heart and feelings naked at all times.

The world is full of bad people whose intention is to see others fail and fall. They always try hard to uncover your weak points. They focus on your weak points to take advantage of them and tear you apart. Sometimes, they won’t use the things you’ve said to them now. But they might use them against you in future and spread your private issues among others.

Don’t let others know the grudges between you and your partner. And also don’t ever show your anger for your partner in front of others. Just spend your time relaxing. If you still get the feeling to talk to someone even after you relax, then share your problem with one of the trusted ones. Be sure not to do it in the lunchroom. The people around you will start to see your partner’s negative side if you tell them more about him/her.

If you’re undergoing some financial issues, only the ones who are involved in it need to know it. If you boast about the things you have others will become more jealous of you. The world has 2 types of people.They are the ones who want to see other people grow or want to grow off using the help of others. Therefore, you need to be very attentive when selecting the ones for your circle.

Sometimes you might get the feeling that this is too much. But unfortunately, I have to say this is the reality. Some of us too wish to see others fall instead of wishing them to rise. We don’t have the genuine feeling of seeing others going well. We always try to do something beyond their capacities. Trust me, this is human nature. Always try to be simple. Live your life as you wish. Don’t hang on to others’ lives mind your own business. And also don’t worry about what others say about you because that’s your way!

Think you have a problem with someone. Don’t try to unveil it to everyone unless it grows more.  In my point of view I think that oversharing some problems nowadays cause a lot more turmoil than we expect and realize. Think twice before using your words. If you wish to be happy, do the correct thing without considering other people around you.