John F. Kennedy, a former President of the United States announced once, “Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others.” The recent news updates show that the majority of U.S citizens feel racial violence worse than expected. Issue of racial violence coincides with a record high in political divides. This has reaffirmed that the US is once again in nationwide division.

Perhaps it’s too much for you. If it is so, take a break and from all the negative news on your social media timelines and try to remember all the good things that took place in several instances. The incidents which grew the tolerance among all. Therefore, we collected some of the best moments of citizens in the US. And also we hope that these will help you to build up your faith once again. We’re pretty sure that these will be helpful to restore humanity. Scroll down and have a look at the images and vote for your favourites!

#1 Two Months Ago, An Old Lady Wanted Me To Help Her Walk Home As She Was Scared About The Slippery Ice. We’ve Become Friends Since Then, And I Help Her Almost Everyday Now.

A Couple Of Months Ago, An Elderly Lady Asked Me To Walk Her Home Because She Was Scared She Was Going To Slip On The Ice. We've Become Friends And Now I Walk Her Home Almost Everyday
Carl Manley

#2 Anthony Borges Is 15 Years Old Now. He Used His Body To Hold A Door Of A Classroom Shut, As A Gunman Fired Through It. Anthony Was Hit Five Times. Pray For Him For A Speedy Recovery.

This Is Anthony Borges, 15. He Used His Body To Hold A Classroom Door Shut, Protecting 20 Other Students Inside As The Gunman Fired Through The Door, Hitting Him Five Times. May He Have A Speedy Recovery

#3 Officer Rescued A Man Who Tried To Commit Suicide. Eight Years Later, The Same Person Who Is Now A Father Of 2, Presents The Officer An Award At The American Foundation Of Suicide.

Officer Talks Man Out Of Committing Suicide. Eight Years Later, The Now-Father-Of-Two Gives The Officer An Award At The American Foundation Of Suicide

#4 A Local Group Helps The Disabled, Elderly And Single Parent Mothers Free Of Charge. Here They Are With Another Grandma.

There Is A Local Group That Cuts Lawns For The Elderly, Disabled, And Single Parent Mothers For Free. Here They Are With My Grandma

#5 My Grandma Took Me in 15 Years Ago And She is The One And Only Person Who Makes Me So Happy. Love You Grandma.

She Took Me In 15 Years Ago And No One Makes Me As Happy. We Had The Best Xmas. I Love My Grandma So Much

#6 He Is My Uber Driver Beni, He Takes Care of Me in The Hospital Since My Family Members Live Out of The State.

This Is My Uber Driver Beni, He Took Me To The Hospital And Keeping Me Company Since Most Of My Family Lives Out Of The State

#7 Waiter Helps Feed The Disabled Woman, So That The Husband Can Finish Having His Meal. Good Job Good Man.

Waiter Helping To Feed Disabled Lady So Her Husband Can Finish His Meal. Good Job Good Man

#8 Pararescueman Sgt. Mike Maroney Reunited With a Girl Who He Rescued From The Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Ago.

Pararescueman Sgt. Mike Maroney Reunited With A Girl He Saved 10 Years Ago During Hurricane Katrina

#9 This Makes America a Great Place!

This Is What Makes America Great

#10 Christmas Elves Make The Homeless Ones Amazed by Food and Gifts!

Christmas Elves Surprise The Homeless With Food And Gifts

Via: Bored Panda