Stones merely aren’t the materials which are in the soil. For me, they are the canvases to paint the pictures. My eyes run into a stone which looks like an animal among the other stones, in the river bank. I feel as if the stone too has found me when I found the stone. I have the personal feeling which says that stones too have their own intentions. And also I consider my meeting with them as cues which they give me to proceed on with my work.

Don’t misunderstand that the stones which I use as canvases are arbitrary. But these amazing stones give me the inspiration which I need to do my work. I respect my opposites in toto during my meet up with the stones. But, I never cut off the edges of the stones to alter the shape according to my wish. Even though we don’t consider stones as living organisms, I’ve witnessed the life stored inside it alone. I’ve felt the life inside it. I feel the breadth inside the stone. The stones take a long duration to change from a huge boulder in the mountains to the natural size and the shape of it to rest in my palms. This incident reminds me of the history of the life of the earth. Sometimes I continue with my work while talking with the stone.

I continue with my work very carefully, in order to save and bring out the living being inside it. I do my work step by step and I’m very careful when positioning the backbone of the creature. I feel that it’s alright. I put the paint brush inside the stone when I feel it right in my heart. My painting work pieces are dialogues between me and the stones. Stone determines the art which I’m to paint on it. My job is to only give birth to a perfect art creation using my hands. My only intention is to paint life and to bring out the living spirit inside the hard stone.

Normally, I paint the eyes at last. I get the feeling that my art is completed when I see that the eyes are full of life. The completed eyes should appear as if they are looking straight at me. It’s not the detailed drawing that makes me content with the completion of my work. It’s the feeling I get when it’s filled with life.

Stone Artist Akie

Source of the information: ArtFido