We already have proof from our history to show that the control of our society is dominated by the highest power groups over it. But, there are some characters who are awake, the ones who have “opened their eyes” to free themselves as well as the others from this domination and oppression. Jim Carrey is one of the main activists who denounced the elite plan to our world.

Going against the elite simply means “risking your life.” This is a kind of a Russian roulette that we have no idea about.

Over time, the statements of Jim Carrey seem to be surprising and shocking. The act of grimace or the act of a joker in front of the cameras seem to be important messages that wake up the world.

The actor Carrey has undergone several notorious changes over the past years. It seems as if he was allowed to realize the reality of things as well as the worst impacts of loss of humanity soon after freeing himself from the mental deprogramming and the manipulation and of this “matrix”.

Carrey is a special person who had freed himself from the Hollywood tentacles to jeopardize elitist plans.

The process of “Liberation” of Jim Carrey

Getting free of oppression, elitist domination and injustice hadn’t been easy for Carrey.

Therefore, he has undergone a continuous process of a few years. Carrey had also had a notable influence on Tom Shadyac, his friend.

Tom realized the reality after meeting an accident. He understood that being a part of Hollywood was not the correct role of his life. This idea succeeded in making a radical change and a total upside down inside Tom, thus he concentrated on meditation and projects with the objective of “awakening humanity.”

This means that Carrey was not at all alone in his purpose. He had a huge crowd behind him including Tom and the ones who were interested in fighting against elitist plans.

Carrey made one of the best demonstrations of him a few years ago while testifying for a live reporter. Many people considered his message as a simple joke and nonsensical, but for the insiders the message had a great meaning.

Carrey stated:

“I don’t believe in idols of show business. I don’t believe in personalities, I think peace is beyond them, beyond the invention of disguise, I think it is deeper than that. I do not exist. Our world is not our world. They Do not Care About Us”.

He added:

“I have not dressed. I don’t exist. Only things happen. I wanted to find the most insignificant thing that I could join, so here I am.”

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Carrey has received an infinity of participation denouncing a number of US government organizations. The parody of Illuminati in his life seems to have untied a wave over his life.

Carrey showed his tongue and made a triangle using his hands one day during the Jimmy Kimmel show. This super simple act of him symbolized the powerful secret to society.

Carrey claimed that Illuminati controls everything during another presentation. That is the exact point where his life changed and the misfortunes entered his life.

For Carrey, Donald Trump is a “reptile” who is spying on electronic devices. Thus, he had denounced a number of corporations and characters.

Some argue that the actor could have been a victim of MK Ultra. Perhaps, he could have been continuously forced by the elitists because of his constant denunciations.

At present, Carrey works as an activist conveying important messages to the world from time to time. By now, he’s far away from the world of cinema. Perhaps the reason for this inversion might be the pain from the elite or a warning that forces him not to move ahead with his work.

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