We know you’ve already heard the song “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world” before.

For us, this song is really a fantasy.

But, have you ever thought of a real life barbie in our world? Of course there’s one.

Encounter Nyadak Duckie Thot, the Australian-Sudanese model.

She has an alluring appearance of a Barbie doll and is gorgeous.

However, Nyadak is another model among others in the field.

The pictures of her can be seen in famous magazines and everywhere.

The photos of Nyadack went viral with an incident which changed her life in 2017.

Nyadak appeared in the photo album entitled “Duckie After Dark”. There she looked the same as a barbie girl.

This particular image gallery was unbelievable and many were confused due to the look of her. People couldn’t believe Nyadak as a real girl.

The creators were able to make this incredible image a success due to the secret type of shoot called “Barbie Style”.

The popularity of the real Barbie started with her moving to New York from Southern Sudan in order to focus on her field of work as a model.

Although she felt alone at the beginning, she has now become a superstar and is praised for having the unique Barbie appearance: a beautiful skin along with an alluring face and big eyes.

The rare distribution of Melanin in Duckie’s skin results in a variation of colours depending on the light.

The skin colour of this Barbie girl ranges from Swarthy to the color of the Ebony tree.

Thousands of photos of Duckie can be seen on the internet. Her smile and the way she poses is beautifully caught on camera.

Fans of Nyadak didn’t believe that she’s the one in all the photos.

However, she was bullied for her hair and the colour of the skin in 2017. She stated,

“Being a black woman, we haven’t really been taught how to take care of our natural hair — we’ve only been taught how to hide it.

I think hair companies, the media, hair stylists, and the industry itself are to blame.”

“They haven’t made the same efforts to ensure black women are looked after in their most natural form.

If you really think about it, it’s the black women on YouTube who have really held it down with their natural hair tutorials.

I think [the industry] should really take ownership and start to invest in us,” she continued.