Let’s keep our babies aside for a moment and talk about the world’s second adorable baby typed creatures who are known as Angora rabbits.

These cute Angora bunny babies really look the same as a fluffy cotton ball with their long wool. The reason for being so popular among a lot of people, especially in Europe, is their fluffy wooly coat.

Everyone has a desire of the soothing and soft cashmere wool of these bunnies in winter. So guys, if you too have this idea – indeed don’t forget to fetch one of these cute, gentle, beautiful fluffy balls to your home.

Now if you want to get furthermore assured here you are to meet Wally the Angora bunny beauty from Massachusetts, the USA with whom you will definitely fall in immense love.

Cuddling beauty Wally and his owner Molly are a well-known couple on Instagram due to his wing typed ears and of course the cheerful comments of the owner as well as the striking and fantastic haircuts of him.

Wally the bunny became a star of fame in social media, websites, newspapers as well as in magazine covers. The stories of the two :Molly and Wally were amazing.

And also Wally owns a book of him named, Wally: The Life of a Punny Bunny, which was released in February, 2017. But, sadly cute bunny passed away leaving thousands of his fans with broken hearts. But the memories of Wally are still alive.

Wally was, as well as Wally is the most popular bunny in the world as his snapshots were spiraled all over the Internet.

Here is Wally in action:

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