We, the humans, have focused on receiving extreme economic growth and business stability by awakening and leading the climate into devastating changes. The humans have drawn nature into tragedy due to the extreme usage of the planetary resources.

The particular shake up of the earth seems to be manifesting today as COVID-19.

Long before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the scientists had already said that civilisation is moving towards irreversible collapse. During the last six months, we saw the two lungs of the Earth on fire, burning for months and months. Australia and Amazon. We needn’t wait until nature cries, we need immediate reactions.

But, unfortunately we have ignored these terrible cries most of the time. We continued with our own businesses regardless of what nature warns.

Human behaviour was so viral.

We are poor creatures who exist on Earth. We survive on earth carpeting the whole planet where there are grey soulless cities.The latest discoveries reveal that,we cut down a single forest, which is of a football pitch size, every one second. And also it’s expected that the oceans are set to contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

At present we don’t live in harmony with nature. Instead we go against it.

“Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet.”

— Terence Mckenna

Art by Mario Sanchez Nevado

But, now everything has changed upside down and today our lungs are on fire with COVID-19. Earlier the Planet’s lungs were aflame. The new coronavirus is now spreading all over the countries attacking the human respiratory system.

Maybe, this is the reflection.

Sometimes, it’s us humans who are viruses to the planet. Therefore corona is now here to help us.

Everything including our global system is brought to its knees. Humans have an infectious behavior polluting the environment. But, now it has come to a halt. The waters and the smog are becoming clearer. Wild animals have ventured into locked-down cities Worldwide while the human animals are locked down inside the houses. The photos released by NASA show China has record breaking pollution cuts.

The planet has given us a punishment and a long break to remain in our bedrooms and think of what we have done during the past years.

As we’re caged and watching the fear in front of us, we have been given an opportunity to get to know that all the comfort around can be blown away in milliseconds when we are relying on a system. The modern economic system is not sustainable. It has been fuelled by our necessities for a long time. We have consumed the plants, the animals, the oil, our own home according to our wish. Money is the product which faces the flames due to the fire of global warming.

Illustration by Steve Cutts

‘Sustainably sourced’, these 2 words are merely keywords slapped on the products which we might buy if we are able to afford.

We are connected with nature both internally as well as externally. Therefore we live in fear. Humans have monopolised what nature gives in abundance. We are practised to fulfill our requirements by buying more and more things.

These have resulted in leaving us to face a hard truth, we are the viruses who are making the planet suffer regularly.

Anyway, we have been given a chance to think for once by this pandemic.

We have the potential to love and act kindly with nature. The only thing that you’ll have to have is the courage to escape from this centralized and the monopolized game and to get tuned to the real world.

Think by heart. Tune your heart to love everything.

Once you do something, ask yourself whether it’s right? Is this the way I wanted to live? How will my grandchildren think of what we have done for them? What would they say on how we acted in the wake of a species faced with self-extinction?

Actually, I can’t point out what’s wrong or right for you as only you know about it. We have to craft our own paths. But, it’s my responsibility to ask you to craft a meaningful way to your life.

This is a valuable time to reflect back.

Keep your responsibility in your mind. Have a reflection on it. Make a plan and try to execute it. Don’t try to make use of the plans of the others. The plan which is being handed down to us by now is a blueprint for a species condemned to suffer in a mode of self-aggrandising, self destruction.

So, the time has dawned to make a change. It’s a chance for us to encourage each other to get out of this useless, monopolistic game.