An unknown student at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio, surprised the entire student body with handmade, astonishing valentine creations. 

All the 1504 students in the school were gifted with a rainbow of origami hearts tapped in the locker of each student in the morning of the 14th of February this year. There was a simple sensitive line in each origami heart as —”you are loved”. But the identity of the gift giver was purposely hidden and yet it’s unknown.

Besides the hidden artist his or herself, members of the school’s faculty seems to be the only persons in on the secret, as said in a festive Facebook post. “This actually turned out to be 1 student who wishes to remain anonymous,” the school published on social media. “These are individually hand written origami hearts that this person started working on back in September. This person has been secretly storing them in their closet at home to surprise everyone today.” 

However, not only the pupils of Troy High School were gifted with surprise treats for this year’s Valentine’s day in big amounts, but also in various high schools and elementary schools a hub of unknown students decorated other’s lockers with lollipops, personalized magnets, and uplifting notes. 

This is a unique heartfelt love touch! It seems as if  love is in the  air of high school hallways spreading here and there.

Troy High School shared the pics of the heart appealing, mysterious treats for the Valentine’s day.

And, surprisingly , it looks as if the students at other schools had the same sweet idea too!

[H/T: A Plus]

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