At present, the coronavirus (which we call Covid-19 these days) is leading the world into a tragic situation. It has caused a vast destruction to our world. People face so many inconveniences due to the virus. However, even though human lives are threatened due to it, the amazing satellite images from NASA show that nature received something good due to this.

Of course it’s true that it’s not that great but it is something special.

China has been locked-down for weeks by now. Therefore the pollution which was in a large extent has reduced drastically. I hope you know that China had dangerous levels of pollution earlier.

The two images are totally upside down. You can see a large amount of ominous yellow pollution while a calming blue colour in the other picture. Both the pictures are completely a paradox.

Can you remember the ash cloud which was formed due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland?It was able to ground loads of flights over the world. Did it really cause to reduce overall pollution?

Maybe the cloud had a silver lining in it sometimes. Even a small one.

Credit: NASA Earth Observatory

Mainly, the European space agency and NASA have been using satellites to monitor the environmental pollution. These satellites tracked the composition of Nitrogen Dioxide in the atmosphere over the last two months.

The first image depicts the beginning of the month of January. As you can see, the satellite recorded a large amount of gas in the atmosphere above the cities Beijing and Shanghai.

Then after a few weeks, in late February no more nitrogen dioxide was found in the air at all. Maybe it is an effect of the quarantine.

Nitrogen dioxide is known as a toxic gas released by cars, factories, power stations, and several  industries.

Actually, Nitrogen Dioxide is not good for your healthy lungs as well as the environment.

It can also be identified as a by-product of burning fossil fuels. This gas can be a reason for the inflammation of the people’s airways. And also this causes an increase of asthma attacks.

An air quality researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre Fei Liu, stated: “This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event.”

Credit: NASA Earth Observatory

It’s important to point out all the other factors which affected this incident too.

As you know there’s a Lunar New Year festival each year. It is said that this lunar festival has a relationship with the reduction of nitrogen dioxide. Normally, China is shut for the last week of January and February during this festive season.

However this time, the festival was extended to stop the spreading of the virus among people. And also a lot of businesses are closed yet due to the quarantine procedure. Therefore the amount of gases released into air is at an extremely low level.

Additionally, Barry Lefer, one of the NASA scientists stated that the recent environmental rules implemented in China throughout the past years too have contributed to this gradual decrease in Nitrogen Dioxide.

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