According to what we know as commoners, the planet Mars is simply a planet without life. For us, life on Mars is only a dream. Yet, humans haven’t touched or walked on its surface but recently humans were able to touch Mars using the wheels of 4 robotically operated Mars rovers. These rovers are operated by the jet propulsion labour of NASA. The rovers were named Sojourner, Opportunity, Spirit and Curiosity.

The mission of ‘Opportunity’ was declared complete on the 13th of February, 2019 as NASA lost all contacts with it. Curiosity was the only hope left as a lone survivor on Mars. The rover observed the strange land all by itself.

The spacecraft with Curiosity landed on Mars on the 6th of August, 2012 for the first time and started to work on its objective. The first mission duration of the curiosity of 687 days was expanded indefinitely. However Curiosity did a successful job throughout.

Here’s the change of the rover ‘Curiosity’ 7 years back and now.

#1 Wrinkled Surface Of Martian Sand Dune

Curiosity is reaching its 7th anniversary at the planet Mars. As we had to say goodbye to Opportunity, this is the only active rover at present. NASA tries to accompany Curiosity with another rover in the shape of Mars this year. This special mission is planned to start in between the 17th July – 5th August 2020. NASA also announced a student naming competition for the rover that was held at the end of 2019. However, the final name will be proposed soon in early March.

#2 Sunset Array In Mars’ Gale Crater

#3 Unexpected Meteorite Found In Mars By Curiosity

#4 Curiosity’s Outlook Of Martian Dune After Crossing It

#5 ‘Harrison’, The Martian Rock In Colour Which Shows Crystals

#6 Curiosity, Full Of Dust At Duluth

#7 Rock Jake Matijevic

#8 Mount Sharp With Several Layers

#9 First Slice Hole In Mount Sharp

#10 A Hub Of Mast Cam Images By Curiosity To Complete The Mosaic Of A Terrified Sand Dune

#11 Leftover Signs Of Ancient Streams On Mars

#12 Upthrust In The Murray Buttes Region Of Lower Mount Sharp

#13 Mount Sharp Out In Sharp Ways

#14 Selfie Of Curiosity At Martian Sand Dune

#15 Curiosity To An Area Called “Fracture Town” With So Many Pointed And Layered Rock Formations

#16 Curiosity Captures The Picture With Rocky Surroundings At The Base Of The Mount Sharp

#17 Marks Of The Wheels At ‘Rocknest’

#18 Focusing The 100-Millimeter Mastcam

#19 Curiosity Successfully Reaches “Gobabed” An Active Sand Dune Which Is A Part Of The Large Dune “Bagnold”

#20 Scene From Mars Orbiter Showing Curiosity Rover At ‘Shaler’

#21 Self Portrait Of The Rover At ‘Buckskin’

#22 Several Coatings At The Base Of Mount Sharp

#23 Getting Introduced To Mount Sharp

#24 Curiosity Moves In ‘Hidden Valley’ On Mars

#25 The Great Martian Geology On Curiosity’s Sight

#26 Selfie Of Curiosity At ‘Windjana’ Drilling Site

#27 A Mudstone Rock Upthrust At The Base Of Mount Sharp

#28 Bone Shaped Rock Found Up On Mars

#29 Pictures At The Base Of Mount Sharp

#30 Characteristics Of Resistance In ‘Pahrump Hills’ Outcrop