As it is implied by the title of the text, the elderly natives of the Arctic are in the front to give an alarming announcement to the world. All these occurred in the period of global warming summit from Copenhegen where the agents all over the world gathered for a discussion of the development of global warming as a whole and the measurements of stopping the tracks of it.

By surprising everyone, the elderly Eskimos handled the whole conference since they started to preach about a progressing cataclysmic phenomena, which we have never been known of.

As per them, climatic change and global warming are only symptoms of the oncoming threat to the world but not the endgames.

According to these Arctic tribes, their day has been changed by the length than before, by being the Sun in a higher position and the Moon too has changed its position from the normal location. These have occurred in relation to the diversion of our planet Earth from its own axis.

We are gradually getting off from both the Sun and our lives and soon reach an instance where we will have to bother about the winters we will never experience in the future but not global warming. We will have to experience a future with no winter as it happened in the last 50 years.

Kunuk Zacharius, the leader of Inuit came forward and begged NASA to respond to his emails without failure since they did not pay attention to any of the emails sent to them.