Dolphins are a kind of our favourite sea creatures. Everyone loves them. But, most of us only know a few things about them. Have you heard of the pink dolphins which are much more cute? Today, I’d love to present some good news about a dolphin birth. A dolphin mom who is called Pinky has given birth to her pink calf recently.

Pinky was first seen by Captain Erik Rue in the Calcasieu River in Louisiana. She became very popular since the last 12 years. Captain Erik observed Pinky very carefully. He stated that Pinky was spotted swimming regularly in the area meeting dolphins. Further, he said that Pinky is sexually very active.

Thomas Adams posted the video of Pinky and her new born baby on the facebook page of Pinky. You can see both of them jumping close to the boat in the Calcasieu Ship Channel in the specific video.

The experts say that Pinky is a rare river dolphin. They say that Pinky received her pink coloured skin due to a rare genetic mutation. These pink dolphins were categorized under the list of Species Endangered to Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). According to the estimations of the experts it is said that their population is rapidly decreasing while only tens of thousands are left by now.

The birth of the calf gives the probability to make our hope true. We can believe that the genetic mutation of the mothers are transmitted to the calves due to this particular incident. Therefore this inheritance would help in the process of increasing the pink dolphin population.

According to the explanations of Captain Rue, the dolphin is totally pink in colour from its head to tail. He says that the dolphin has red eyes and the skin is so smooth and glossy.

Genetic mutation of Pinky hasn’t led her to inconveniences due to sunlight or the environment. But the observers say that Pinky remains most of her time below the surface when compared with the other dolphins. Local As well as foreign visitors are very keen on seeing this unique dolphin. She is really an amazing gift of mother nature. Her sight brings fun and happiness to everyone.

Bridget Boudreaux too saw Pinky and her new born baby in the river some time ago. Bridget saw the couple of dolphins swimming and jumping across the river. This sight gave her immense joy. She was very interested in Mom and the baby dolphin. She requested the captain to stop the boat for a while to have the sight of this memorable and wonderful experience for a little more time.

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