A Belgium zoo presented some adorable pics of a blossoming friendship between a family of orangutans and their neighbour otters.

These animals live together at Pairi Daiza zoo which is situated in Domaine du Cambron. This is a part of a program which is designed to maintain the wellbeing of the primates.

Hey, otter, here see!

Mathieu Goedefroy, the spokesman of the zoo said that these animals “must be entertained, occupied, challenged and kept busy mentally, emotionally and physically at all times.”

They have allowed some Asian small-clawed otters to live in a river which flows through the area where the orangutans live, as a part of their program. The orangutan family consists of a 24-year-old father named Ujian, a 15-year-old mother named Sari along with their three year old son Berani.

“The otters really enjoy getting out of the water on the orangutan island to go and play with their big, furry friends,” shared the spokesman to show the close relationship of Berani and Ujian with their neighbours.

Otters will never let you be alone.

“It makes life more fun and interesting for both animal species, which makes it a very successful experiment,” Goedefroy said.

This particular family of orangutan has arrived at the zoo in 2017. There are two more orangutans except the ones I’ve mentioned above. They are a male named Gempa and Sinta, a female.

Peekaboo! Seems as if the three-year-old baby Berani has formed a strong relationship with his neighbours.

According to Goedefroy, 97% of the DNA in Orangutans are quite similar to humans. Therefore, the orangutans require much care and attention to keep them occupied.

“Our keepers entertain them all day long with mind games, riddles, puzzles, and other stuff to train their intelligence,” he further said.

Unfortunately, these brilliant creatures are threatened due to the palm oil plantations in their native islands Sumatra and Borneo. Wait! No worries anymore as Goedefroy said that the zoo has already raised funds to plant 11,000 trees to restore a forest in Borneo and help these intelligent creatures.

Source of the information: CNN