This is how you can see it from the Zervreila Mountain Lagoon in Switzerland.

Sandro Casutt, who is a professional photographer resides in a remote Swiss town with mind blowing views of the Andromeda Galaxy. The town of Vals, which has a population of 990, is a prime area to see the nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way. So, Casutt, and his sibling Markus, began Cosmic Art Photography two years back as an outlet for their liking of the universe. 

Casutt owns a tattoo parlor, and he works there during his day times. He spends his night times looking forward to seeing the perfect sky. The subsequent photos, which are taken during various seasons, give unbelievable views on the Andromeda in all its wonder. The galaxy, the biggest of a bunch of 54 galaxies known as the Local Group, is 220,000 light years away and is required to crash into the Milky Way in 4.5 billion years. And as Andromeda is the nearest to us, despite everything we’re discussing 2.5 million light years far from Earth.

Casutt’s lens has the ability to capture a portion of the one trillion stars that populate the Andromeda, and alsp nebulae that cast shining colors into the night sky. For those who love astrology, hoping to visit Vals, the siblings offer workshops consistently.

Have a look at the mind-blowing views on the Andromeda Galaxy taken from the Swiss village of Vals.

See whether you can find Orion the Hunter.
North American Nebula and Pleiades.
This is a photograph of the view of the Dark Nebula from Switzerland.
The Horsehead Flame Nebula.
The mesmerizing view of the Lagoon Nebula.
The amazing view of the Andromeda Galaxy in Switzerland.
See how North American Nebula can be seen above a mountain.
A view of the Andromeda Galaxy in Switzerland.
North American Nebula and Pleiades.
The Horsehead Flame Nebula.
It feels unbelievable to see the view of the Triangulaum and the Andromeda Galaxy above a mountain.

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All photographs were taken via Sandra Casutt.