Humans don’t often think that each and every living organism in this planet has their own rights and responsibilities. We have freedom to enjoy and live our life as long as we remember it. Earth will be a nice place for all of us to live.

Unfortunately, this life is far from the worse reality.

Does “slavery” mean hurt you?

Although many of us won’t undergo slavery, more than half a million of animals are enslaved in the tourism industry worldwide. The life of these animals have become a real misery. They are fed up with their lives from the beginning till the end. The life of these enslaved animals are full of fear, domination, and punishments.

The death of Sambo, a poor elephant back in 2016 is a worse example for this type of a situation. Sambo’s life ended up like this due to forcing her to ferry tourists to Angkor Wat, in Cambodia. It’s the biggest religious monument in the whole world.

Sambo had been working obeying the orders of the master under the scorching heat for 45 minutes. She was carrying two tourists on her back one at a time to the temple complex in the high heat. She has overworked and she was overheated as the temperatures exceeded 100 degrees. Suddenly, she fell down beside the road saying farewell to her poor life. Some suspected that she got a sudden heart attack.

A veterinarian who examined the dead elephant said that she died “due to high temperatures, heat exhaustion and lack of wind that would have helped to cool her”.

And also it was said that the people who went passing her body wept due to the death of this poor animal.

Sambo worked for the Angkor Elephant Company since 2001. The manager Oan Kiri and the staff stated that they were really sad to lose Sambo.

Most of the baby elephants are taken away from their mothers at their birth and their destiny is towards slavery. Finally the life of the elephants end up in these critical conditions. The baby elephants who are taken aren’t fed well. The elephants are not given breaks while carrying the tourists. Instead they are beaten and ordered to do as the master’s order.

If they aren’t on work they are often chained. Therefore they are unable to move. These poor animals grieve for themselves due to their separation from the family.

Jack Highwood is a person who runs a charity that helps elephants in captivity in Cambodia, the Elephant.

Valley Project, stated:

“It is the smoothness of the trekking elephant’s foot that always amazes me and [is] testimony to how many kilometers they must have traveled to get into this situation. Very sad.”

Don’t these words strike your heart?

The petition regarding the death of Sambo read:

“There is no such thing as cruelty-free elephant rides. What you don’t realize is that a ‘once in a lifetime’ or ‘bucket list’ item for you, means a lifetime of misery for wild animals.”

The Asian elephants are categorized under the list of endangered animals by the International Union For Conservation of Nature. And also the World Animal Protection says that elephant riding is an extremely cruel holiday activity.

The punishments for the people who violate animal rights must be given. The actions against those types of unkind inhuman people must not be disregarded. The rules on animal protection must be tightened and promoted.

We need to keep in mind that animals are our best friends. Therefore we must treat them in the best way which suits them. We shouldn’t use our loving animal friends for food, clothing, experiment or entertainment. Please try to apply this to all the animals without thinking of your personal feelings on animals.

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