Chickens are rarely awarded the title of “most beautiful bird,” but that is only because they have never been presented in this manner before. Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini, two Italian photographers use photography to bring out the beauty in chickens. They started a project called Chic!ken which consists of glamorous portraits to change people’s perceptions of chickens as common birds.

It’s doubtful that “chicken” would come to mind if you were asked to identify the most beautiful bird species on the planet. Chicken is a portrait project started by the two to show the world how lovely these modest farm birds are. With over 200 gorgeous photographs of 100 various species of hens, the couple decided to compile the collection into a hardcover photobook.

Tranchellini first saw how stylish a chicken might be in 2013 when he was looking for a pet Concincina for his Milan studio garden. He fell in love with the lovely birds and met his Concincina hen, Jessicah, after meeting a farmer called Giorgio who invited him to an aviary show. The couple then began photographing numerous noble hens and exceptional roosters at bird exhibitions collaborating with fellow photographer Monti. “We felt that chickens had been waiting for their turn in the limelight.” According to the duo’s Kickstarter campaign.

The photographers said, assuring concerned animal lovers. “None of these beauties were abused, forced, or leashed,” The collection of “natural born posers” demonstrates how varied chickens may be. Martha, the Frizzle Bantam, shakes her coppery feathers at the camera is one of the outstanding models. Agnes, a wonderfully fluffy Silkie chicken is another standout star. “They were just themselves and had a natural ability to move in front of the camera, the couple recalls of their time on set. Some were snapped from the side, behind, or with only a glimpse over their shoulder. AN INHERENT ABILITY.”

Monti and Tranchellini are presently sponsoring a Kickstarter campaign to pre-order Chicken: The Book which has “the world’s sexiest and most beautiful hens.” Limited edition fine art prints, humorous posters, chicken postcards, collectible journals, and “a sensual calendar for adults only” are among the other pledge rewards.

Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini, two Italian photographers, believe that chickens are underappreciated so they started the Chicken initiative to show the world how lovely these agricultural birds can be.

Some of the world’s most respected hens and exceptional roosters are among the “natural born posers.”

The two decided to compile their collection of over 200 gorgeous chicken photos into a hardcover photo book.

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