Although Alexa is just a helper around the house for you, Rocco the parrot feels Alexa as its soulmate. Rocco is a wonderful grey parrot from Africa.

Rocco was from the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary in Berkshire. It has caused a lot of trouble due to its profane dirty language which it used at the visitors. Therefore this parrot was readopted by a sanctuary worker named Marion Wischnewski.

Rocco is a very brainy parrot! It started to place orders for the things it loved. The best part of the story is that both Rocco and Alexa are crime partners! Rocco uses the Amazon Echo to order its favourite items. Rocco comes from a breed which has good mimicking skills. Therefore he has got a chance to add its loved items to a virtual supermarket list.

Not only that but also, the observations of the, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums reveal that these Afrian grey parrots have been crowned as the best talker among all parrot species. Mimicking is the main ability of them. However apart that they have the skills to talk in voice which is very similar to humans’ voice. These parrots can imitate each and every sound with a high accuracy.

But unfortunately, Marion said that she uses to check the list of shopping items and delete all of them when she returns home after work. (Here is how to reset your Amazon Alexa -Echo)

Rocco’s list normally includes fruits and vegetables as well as special selections such as melons, raisins, and broccoli and of course ice cream!

Rocco also placed orders on some random items like a kite, a kettle, and a lightbulb.

The take carer said that Rocco is very interested in dancing. She said that it uses the voice-activated device to play its favorite melodies. Just think how intelligent the parrot is! Rocco’s favourite rock music, but there are also slow numbers sometimes.

Marion said that the two of them chatted with each other from the morning till the night. And also she said that this special parrot gentleman plays romantic music when she comes in.

“And he loves a boogie with Alexa. But it has to be something fast, like his favorite Kings of Leon.”

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