Even if you didn’t think newborn owls could be much cuter, it turns out they can. Consider this for a moment: have you ever considered how animals sleep? Adult owls sleep upright but the owlets are unable to do so because their heads are too heavy. So, until they’re big enough to slumber sitting up the small birds have a backup plan: they lie down on their tummies and shift their heads to the side before nodding off to sleep.

Surprisingly, the baby owls manage to perform all of this while sitting on a tree branch. And, owing to the robustness of their back toe, the hallux, they don’t fall off. The creature is tethered to the branch by the hallux and it will not move until the owlet bends its leg.

Mark Rees, a journalist, has discovered how newborn owls sleep. He published a photo of an owlet napping like a person would—on its stomach and completely zonked out—in a now-viral tweet. Scroll down to view more of this lovely sight.

It’s wonderful to see baby owls (owlets) sleeping on their stomachs resting face down.

Baby owls sleeping

Barred owlet fledgling sleeping


Screech owlet-I just like to sleep on my tummy

The owlets don’t sleep for lengthy periods of time and when they do they resemble many of us.

Great Horned Owlet