Perhaps, you may not admit this. But, all of us gaze at the clouds thinking about the shapes of them. I think these dog shaped clouds are quite more imaginative.

Have you got a mischievous puppy with you? Then you know that it’s their habit to get to places where they needn’t. But none of the dogs can make an attempt to sit among the clouds. However, this dog has managed!

Source: Pictures In History/Facebook

Fine, it isn’t a real dog. But, just see how convincing it is.

We can notice a prominent nose and a chin. Can you literally see where its ear is? Perhaps, it is eagerly waiting to get some dog treats from the owner or to go on a walk.

Some say that this special cloud has rather a different meaning than resembling a dog. Some say that it’s proof of a doggie heaven. So, it’s not just a cloud.

Do you consider this as a stupid idea? Don’t you expect the dogs to live in heaven? But why do people judge like this?

Each one of us has different types of hopes within us. But, for dogs, there is so much cynicism in this world. Perhaps they need an escape.

However, there are a lot of clouds which resemble dogs. The more you stare at them the more you become imaginative. Then you’ll realize that the dogs really do go to heaven.

Not only the dogs people see in the sky. But also they see some other animals in it. Here you are with some of the most convincing dog and other animal clouds.

Source: Pexels

This is definitely the face of a dog without any doubt. See whether you can see the eye looking out.

Source: Gorsjeanbrigitte/Instagram

It seems as if it is a dog lying down or getting up.

A dog with curls on it. Can you hear the barking sound of it? It’s really amazing with that sunset in the background.

Source: Esergienko/Instagram

What do you feel when you see this? Is it some kind of mixing between a Maltese and one with long ears – perhaps a beagle.

Source: Sundaycc_yorkie/Instagram

Is it a fake image? Or else, did someone actually manage to capture the two dogs kissing just as the clouds above which have the same identical look?

This image proves that there are a lot of mysterious things at work on our planet. Just have a look at it!

Source: Hetspektakelvandewereld/Instagram

This has the same look of an eagle. An eagle swooping down onto a branch. A branch in the sky! Does that mean that there’s a tree in heaven? It’s ideal if the answer is ‘YES’!

Source: Annekevanderjeugd/Instagram

Remember the morning when you see the pet goldfish floating on the top of the tank.

The soul of the goldfish seems to live in the sky. That’s really good.

Source: Needpix

The cloud resembles a French bulldog with angel wings seated on the top of a cushion.

Haha, this is a joke one illustrated for you. But we hope we’ve shown you enough stuff to believe in the Animal Heaven!

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