We’ve admired the creativity and timing required to create a beautiful photograph since the invention of photography in the 1830s. Finding amusing photos or taking wonderful nature photos is easier than ever before now that we all have computers in our smartphones. Photographs may even alter our mood: creepy photos can make us tremble, while calming photos can instantly calm us down. Most of us are visual creatures, and seeing historical images of past events makes them feel far more genuine than simply hearing about them.

Sitting down and looking at old family photos is such a relaxing experience. As you become older your parents get older as well. As a result, you’ll never have a clear picture of how they looked when they were younger. This is given via images. By pressing the camera we immortalize a moment in time that we may revisit whenever we wish.

On the r/TheWayWeWere subreddit, some people have chosen to share their old memories. This online community is dedicated to historical images, digitized papers, essays, and personal anecdotes. With over 529k members, this community has truly brought back a sense of the past.

Check out some of the photographs we chose by scrolling down. Please get in touch with us if you have a wonderful story with photographs from the past. We’d be delighted to hear about it.

1) My Parents In 1968 And Again In 1970, During The 70s Transition.

Image source: Yoojay

2) Gay Men In Mexico 1935.

Image source: monderigon

3) Protesting A High School Dress Rule That Prohibited Girls From Wearing Pants. Brooklyn, C.1940.

Image source: closecaxton

4) In The Early 1900s My Great-Grandma. I Thought She Was Too Cool Not To Share.

Image source: allerena85

5) In 1948, LAPD Female Trainees Practice Shooting Their Newly Given Revolvers.

Image source: WildeAquarius

6) In The Early 1940s, My Extremely Beautiful Grandparents Posed For A Photograph.

Image source: Reddit

7) In 1937, Grandma And Papa. She Died Today At The Age Of 100.

Image source: nosoup4me

8) My Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Great-Great-Grandfather, And Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother Around 1918.

Image source: RckLbstr

9) Okinawa, 1964 Wedding Photo Of My Parents.

Image source: reed555

10) In The 1960s, My American Grandmother Visited Athens.

Image source: ferballz

11) Traveling Across The United States In A 1964 Station Wagon.

Image source: GoodGriefWhatsNext

12) This Is My Grandma Who Died Today At The Age Of 89. (Around 1948)

Image source: laurenntinkerr

13) Mary Wallace Chicago Transit Authority’s First Female Bus Driver. (1974)

Image source: AxlCobainVedder

14) Arch Badertscher’s Dairy Farm At Fresno California. Cats Blackie And Brownie Collecting Squirts Of Milk During Milking, 1954.

Image source: SamoF82M4

15) Times Square, 1957.

Image source: GoodGriefWhatsNext

16) In 1954 My Mother Made Us Matching Gowns For A Formal Occasion.

Image source: dittidot

17) My Father Would Have Turned 71 This Month; He Died Of Cancer Last Year. In The 1970s He Was Photographed At A Rugby Match.

Image source: WineAndTherapy

18) In Melbourne, Australia In The 1940s A Father Shows Off His Skill To The Amazement Of His Young Daughter.

Image source: TynShouldHaveLived

19) On The Day Of My Mother’s Wedding In November 1951.

Image source: YCVick

20) In 1959 My Best Friend Rocky And I Were Watching TV.

Image source: marbleriver