Many people are engaged in different activities to keep themselves occupied at home due to the pandemic outbreak.

The lockdowns due to the new coronavirus are gradually tightened up with stay at home orders from the governments and new curfews in some regions in Europe and the United States. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to stay at home. Therefore, such types of funny people have been going through great heights to avoid the restrictions imposed by the high officials.

Today, we’re going to present you some funny and strange news on a person who dressed up himself as a bush to make his way down the street. This took place in the United Kingdom, and was noticed by his own neighbours. This secret mission of the bushman was recorded in cam by the neighbours Madeline Mai-Davies and Nicholas Murray and posted to TikTok.

The couple posted two different video clips to social media and they were able to gain millions of views on several social media platforms.

The neighbour was covering his whole body, from head to toe with fake leaves. He was moving along the road very carefully. He made stops near the trash cans too. He tried hard to take the form of a bush in open grass areas. The bushman was moving rolling across the street as in an action film.

However, it’s quite obvious that this funny neighbour was just pulling a prank as he returned back home with a grocery bag and a grocery shopping which is still allowed for the people to fetch under the current restrictions imposed by the government.

“Got his shopping. Turning up to the party while on lockdown,” Murray said in one of his posts which was posted later.

Murray later said Caters News Agency, “Looking back, I didn’t expect the video to go viral and get 16.5 million views. Whilst in this difficult time we want to bring smiles, laughs and hope.”

Mai-Davies also added, “I was overwhelmed with the support and following that came from it.”

Even though this was a kind of silly prank, everyone should be alarmed not to do these kinds of funny things as the confirmed cases in the UK have been over 22,000 while the death toll has been over 1,400 due to the corona outbreak. All of us must pay our utmost attention to our personal lives amidst this critical situation.

Source: TMU